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Our services are uniquely tailored to our clients needs. On a cohesive and seamless basis we consider and provide the full range of Business Insurance, Group and Individual Employee Benefits, Financial, Retirement and Worksite products and services. ABC was created to bring good ideas and better ways of delivering insurance and employee benefits offerings and services to our clients.

Our Systems & Processes:
Through our well-conceived systems and processes, ABC lightens our clients’ workload (their administrative and compliance burdens) and interacts on behalf of our clients with the involved insurance and employee benefits providers.

Studies show that over one-third of the typical organizations operating expenses are consumed by the overall cost of insurance and employee benefits, and the related organizational staff and administrative overhead associated with insurance, employee benefits, human resources and payroll. Additionally, the error rate on billing and administration for insurance and employee benefits plans is astounding, and all one can be pretty much sure of is that they are not paying the correct amount.

ABC has powerful, comprehensive solutions that transform the insurance and employee benefits environment by providing cost-effective coverage plans while reducing administrative overhead and eliminating redundancy. Through the utilization of our administrative platforms, our clients can simplify and streamline their insurance and employee benefits workload, so that their staff is allowed to work on other matters important to your organization.

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